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Below are some pictures of my family, my home, and work

Zahn02.jpg (23223 bytes)

Kyle, Kim, Me and Brent at Stoer Head.   The lighthouse was our home for a week.

Zahn03.jpg (19758 bytes)

Kim and I on Burns Supper Night.  When in Rome...............

Zahn04.jpg (22209 bytes)

Me at work on the Kittiwake Platform 116 miles east of Aberdeen in the North Sea.

Zahn05.jpg (20232 bytes)

Our wee hoose (thats Scots for little house) at 80 Kingsfield Road in Kintore.

Zahn01.jpg (19344 bytes)

The AH1 that I flew in Vietnam.  Phuoc Vinh, September 1970

Zahn101.jpg (19371 bytes)

Kim and I in Nashville at the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots
Association 16th annual reunion (July 4, '99), along with our pal Adrian Cronauer. Goooooooood Morning, Vietnam!

PROMZahn1.jpg (21191 bytes)

Here i am on the day of the Prom!

There will be more to add later on


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