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Sean Curtis

Class of "Winter" 1970

(Graduated Hoover in 1969)

Hi and welcome to my page on these VHHS Alumni WebPages.

Throughout the years, I have always reflected back on the times I had at Verdugo Hills High School.  It seems to me that those were the best years of my life.

During the time that I went to Verdugo in 1967 and 1968, we were caught up in the Vietnam War.  The music that was being played on the radio during those years will never be duplicated.  I guess that it was just a magical time for me.

Towards the end of 1968 we moved to Glendale and I had to transfer to Hoover High School where I graduated there.  It just wasn't the same as Verdugo.  The magic was gone and the students there were not the friendly kind like there was at VHHS.

A couple of years ago, I stumbled across the Official Verdugo Hills High School WebPages and did make contact with some of the folks that I did know or knew of.  It was funny in the fact that some names I have not heard of since those times in the 1960's came right back just as if I heard the name yesterday.

It was neat to exchange email with some of the kids I went to school with.  The fact that so many of the people are scattered all over the country, makes it difficult to see in person but the computer and the internet does have a tendency to make the world smaller.

One person that I keep in regular contact with is Cathy Moody -  Weckmann who was in the class of 1968.  I remembered her name from Verdugo but didn't know her.  We certainly knew a lot of the same people though and when I saw her graduation photo, I remembered seeing her around the school. Cathy and I thought that maybe putting this site together might be a fun project.

I also thought that perhaps people can rekindle old friendships and acquaintances by using this site as a springboard to establish contact with one another.

Another person I want to mention is Nadesan Permaul from the Class of 1967.  Nadesan's name has stuck in my mind since 1964 and it wasn't because we were friends or knew each other.  In January of 1964, I started Mt. Gleason Junior High.  On my very first day at Mt. Gleason, I was lost and didn't know where I was going or how to get there on campus.  Nadesan was in the 9th Grade and ready to graduate.  Because I was lost, I went up to him and asked him for help in finding where a class was way across the campus.  Nadesan took the time to show me, and infact, took me to the class.  It was that one act of kindness that I have remembered for over 35 years.  You have to remember that being nice to or helping a B-7 "Scrub" wasn't too cool back then.  Thanks Nadesan.

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The pictures above are of me when I was working on the ambulance and going to paramedic school at U.C.S.D. in late 1974.  You don't see ambulances like these any more but those were what we had to work with.

In 1978 it was time to do something else and so I bought an eighteen wheeler and saw the country.

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I bought the truck in the picture above and leased with North American Van Lines in their new products division and was able to travel to every contiguous state in the country.  I continued trucking until I had a pretty bad accident while driving on "black ice" in Northern Idaho in 1981.

The picture below is of my son, Sean, when I took him to work with me one day quite a few years ago.


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This is Mary Ellen, my youngest daughter

Here is my daughter Jeanne and her new husband Paul


In growing up in the times that we did, there was one television series that I loved most of all.  The Amos n Andy Show was and is my all time favorite.  I managed to collect about 72 episodes on video tape and I still laugh even today watching that timeless favorite.  I created a website dedicated to The Amos n Andy Show.  Like this site, it is still growing.  If you would like to see this tribute to Amos n Andy, just follow the link directly below.


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Go to my Amos n Andy Page

Go To Sean's Picture Page

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